Men’s Mental Health – Embracing Balance through the Window of Tolerance

Posted by Alice Ruddle on 24 May 23
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Organiser: The Our Dorset Enhanced Staff Wellbeing Team
Event type: Webinar
Men's Mental Health. Embracing Balance through the Window of Tolerance
As men, we are often caught in the trap of pushing ourselves too hard and as a result experience the consequences of exhaustion and burnout.

*Please note this session has been postponed by due to staff sickness. It will now be held on Monday 4 December

Join us for an enlightening 1-hour workshop as we navigate the pursuit of balance, exploring the psychology of the "Window of Tolerance," a transformative tool utilised in trauma recovery and emotional regulation training. Learn evidence-based techniques that empower you to break free from the cycle of burnout, while cultivating a harmonious blend of balance, happiness, and overall wellbeing.


Date: Monday 4 December, 2023 (Was previously Monday 27 November, 2023)

Time: 13:30 - 14:30

Link: Click here to join the session

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