Stillness, Steadiness, Stability - Guided Meditation - Session 7

Moments of meditation guided by registered NHS mindfulness teacher, Ellie Sturrock.

These sessions are designed for professionals with busy lives by someone who gets it because she has one too! Life is so busy that there is little time to stop and take stock; to be aware of bad posture, poor eating patterns, reduced self-awareness and consequently bad self-care. These short recorded meditations will focus on different aspects of our everyday experience. Sessions include: The body in stillness and in movement, breath, sounds, sights, mind, the ever-changing moment, and a very brief three stage breathing space.

Each session is guided and offered as an oasis of steadiness and stability for mind and body however hectic your day has been or goes on to be! Taking short spaces like this is an essential part of full mindfulness courses and in cultivating regular meditational practice. Evidence and personal experience tells us that it benefits wellbeing for ourselves and those around us.

These sessions are for everyone in any role and for anybody (i.e. with LTHC, Neurodiversities). All are welcome and will benefit. We have taught anaesthetists and administrative teams. You don’t need anything, just turn up! Come alone, bring your team, practice at home and at work. Some sessions are live drop-ins and you’re never too late to join in when you can. Other shorter sessions are also there for you to do when it suits YOU.

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