Dorset Mental Health Forum

Dorset Mental Health Forum are a values-based charity influencing social change and advocating for social justice in Dorset and beyond. Aiming to increase understanding of mental health, wellbeing and recovery, challenging prejudice around people’s experiences of mental distress and trauma, through lived experience expertise, education and co-production.

Dorset Mental Health Forum are a collective of people who have chosen to reframe our experiences of mental health difficulties and trauma, sharing our stories to support, inspire and educate others, bringing about change in Dorset.

As human beings, we need connection but when we are struggling emotionally, it can be difficult to identify and connect with others.  We can often see ourselves, or feel that others see us, as different or broken.  Many of us here at the Forum have experienced feelings of isolation and loneliness at different points in our lives and along our Recovery journeys.

Connection means different things to different people.  We work together within our local communities to create a sense of belonging and inclusivity.  We celebrate our differences and acknowledge the value of individual perspectives and experiences.

At the Forum, we work with individuals, organisations, and communities to offer a range of different activities across Dorset that bring people together and help us connect with others.

We want to remove barriers between services and ensure that we are able to live the life we want to live in spite of any challenges we might face.

For more information and to find out about the activities on offer, see the Social Connection page here.



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