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Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from Monday 15 – Sunday 21 May 2023. The official theme for this year, as set by the Mental Health Foundation, is ‘anxiety’. Mental Health UK's ‘Just’ Anxiety?’ campaign aims to help people and organisations to understand the difference between anxiety and anxiety disorders and to confidently seek and signpost each other to the right support.
Mental health

"I really wished I’d talked sooner"

Although I had a very successful financial services career, my personal life was very different. So, when I began having ‘I don’t want to be here’ thoughts, I should have sought help immediately.

Returning to work after mental ill-health: how managers can help

Earlier this month, as part of the "This Can Happen" conference, Adam Land spoke about his experience of returning to work after mental health problems and sudden bereavement.
Mental health

All work and no play? Why a good work-life balance is so important and how to strike one

It can be difficult to say “no” to things, especially when it comes to taking on extra work or staying late at the office. And remote working has made separating work and leisure even harder for many of us.

World Meditation Day - Sunday 21st May

In celebration of World Meditation Day on Sunday 21st May join us for the final weeks of the Stillness, Steadiness and Stability mindfulness drop-in sessions to cultivate awareness about meditation and its benefits, especially in our busy world of constant movement.

Criticism: Foe or Friend?

None of us like being criticised. At least no-one I’ve ever met! Our common responses include throwing up our defences, attacking back, or crumpling in a mental heap! We get angry, hurt, distressed. Criticism can end friendships and start wars. But what if we could turn that on its head. What if a well delivered criticism could strengthen bonds and forge resolution to conflicts?

10 ways to support the mental wellbeing of deaf and hearing impaired employees

People with hearing loss are twice more likely to suffer mental health issues than hearing people. This is due to the fact that deafness can be a lonely and isolating disability. In addition we face numerous barriers and hurdles every day which can have an impact on our mental health.

Gambling in the workplace: Warning signs

In the UK, more than 85% of businesses have drink and drugs work policies, but less than 5% have similar policies for gambling.
Mental health

5 ways workplaces can support infertility

My name is Hannah. After 7 years of infertility, with 14 miscarriages, 6 failed IUIs and 9 failed IVFs, culminating in a ruptured ovarian ectopic pregnancy that nearly killed me, I am childless not by choice. Being a Mum is something I so deeply wanted to be and I have had to re-define a lot of what I thought my life would be. Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples, but as a taboo topic, its impact is often not spoken about in the workplace. There’s lots that can be done to change that.
Women's Health

Suicide Preventation: Language and Terminology

Language matters when we are talking or writing about suicide. Inappropriate or careless use of language can sensationalise, depersonalise or glorify a death. It can also cause distress to those bereaved by suicide. Always avoid language that criminalises suicide and consider the sensitivities of your audience.
Mental health

We Are Beyond - Charity

We are a youth mental health charity that exists to improve young people’s mental health in the UK.

Ideas for Creating an Active Workplace

Significant change needs a collective approach, working together towards a shared purpose. It’s about all of us and how we can use our influence and networks to make change.
Staying Active

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